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Terms & Conditions

  • All kinds of blossom arrangements that are appeared on the website, as shown to our customers are expressive. We always make sure to improve the results than they actually appear on the screen. There might be cases or instances where the actual arrangement of blossoms varies from what is displayed on the screen. However, this mostly happens when the blooms are unavailable or other reasons which are beyond control of our team of experts.

  • On all the occasions where all the blooms, cakes or desserts remain unavailable with us in a particular city or a particular town, we make sure to deliver the best quality of blooms, cakes or desserts that are of the equivalent value. This is how we fulfill the substitution policy entertained by us.

  •  On all those situations where the recipient or any representative on behalf of that recipient remains unavailable on the day of delivery of the blossoms, cakes, desserts and all the perishable things so ordered, we might take the request as delivered. To avoid such discrepancy, we generally attempt to take an appointment over telephone before the delivery of the product carried out by us.

  • The delivery of the items available with us may not be possible under some circumstances. These circumstances are mostly the unmanageable or unforeseen circumstances. In all such cases, our customers have the privilege of expecting a refund. We make sure that we provide a 100 percent refund of the customer’s money.

  • No claim so made by the customers under any condition shall be held unreasonable except the claim for the 100 percent refund of the payment so made. Every single of such claim which assumes anything in this regard shall be raised within 24 hours of delivery or non-delivery of the product, whatsoever.

  • The administration of The FloralMart™ retains all the privilege and right to deny any request genuinely.

  • All the cases related to delivery, non-delivery, claim for refund and any other instances are liable to the locale of the jurisdiction of  Kanpur Court.

  • In all the cases where the customer looks forward to cancelling an order, he/she must contact the team at The FloralMart™ to cancel an order by the way of making a phone call. If the ordered is cancelled within 24 hours of the delivery time, the customer gets 100 percent refund as per the selected payment gateway terms. The customer gets his/her money back within a duration of a week in general.

  • The FloralMart™ makes sure to send email to all its users and customers as to the new arrivals, schemes as well as discounts so introduced on its website. All the users may opt out of the service of email by the way of sending a cancellation email to The FloralMart™. This is how they can ward off receiving further mails.

  • Our website policies (cookie, delivery, return & exchange etc..) are mentioned under Policies section.

COVID-19 Update- We are strictly following the latest safety procedures based on various international, state, and local guidelines and the Government of India and WHO recommendations.